Watered Flowers was created by Tiera Henderson, a devoted mother of 3 boys. With a passion for writing since age 11, Tiera uses her life experiences via poetic release as a way to reach out to others. Her gift has blossomed into a brand that centers around selfcare, hence the name Watered Flowers. This company prides itself on overcoming obstacles that may have seemed insurmountable mentally and physically. When a flower is watered often, it grows. Therefore, it can blossom into its full potential as so it is with what Watered Flowers represents through literal content mainly, journals. As a Christian woman, Tiera relies on her strong faith in God to navigate her through whatever life brings her way. Tiera is well qualified to offer insight on self-love, relationships and more which you will find in her journals. Each journal targets a specific need. Any and everyone can benefit from a little selfcare every now and then.